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Destroying Sacred Cows for the Cause of Christ

The Apostles and their Disciples were faithful to teach and emulate Christ: the Word made flesh.
However, as we were warned in Acts 20:29, men soon arose teaching opinions and philosophy at odds with truth. Much of this has become revered doctrine within Christianity today - sacred cows that few dare question.

It's time to smash these idols, shine the light of truth and call everyone to return to the Sure Foundation.

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"Your Children Are Evil!" Voddie Baucham

In his defense of the Reformed doctrine Total Depravity, Voddie Baucham has repeatedly called children evil, claiming they're "Vipers in Diapers". Voddie, like all Augustinians, holds a view of inherited or imputed sin and guilt which is at odds with the text of Scripture.

This is but a short compilation intending to highlight his absurd claims and note the dangers such beliefs can entail; particularly with regard to how Total Depravity can lead to child abuse. Moreover, in telling people they sin because they're a sinner, this doctrine makes sin natural, numbing the conscience to remorse, while claiming repentance is impossible. It is our hope that such a presentation provokes adherents of Augustinian philosophy to be good Bereans and search the Scriptures on this matter.

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