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Destroying Sacred Cows for the Cause of Christ

The Apostles and their Disciples were faithful to teach and emulate Christ: the Word made flesh.
However, as we were warned in Acts 20:29, men soon arose teaching opinions and philosophy at odds with truth. Much of this has become revered doctrine within Christianity today - sacred cows that few dare question.

It's time to smash these idols, shine the light of truth and call everyone to return to the Sure Foundation.

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Responding to Mr. Fortenberry & His Criticism of Open Theism

Bill Fortenberry, a self-styled Christian philosopher and historian, recently posted a review critical of a video response Idol Killer made to Anthony Rogers. To be fair to Mr. Fortenberry, he seemingly did not share Mr. Rogers' ridiculous view that Open Theism is a form of atheism. Some of Mr. Fortenberry's criticism was indeed unjustified, some understandable, and some even deserved. For instance, in his article Mr. Fortenberry attacked the video's production quality and content, saying:

"The video is difficult to watch. It is an amateurish conglomeration of clips, texts, and sounds with very little consistency."

So clearly not all of Mr. Fortenberry's criticism was unfounded. The video most certainly is, and rather unashamedly so, amateurish and difficult to watch... we claim this was intentional and simply call it our "style".

Regardless, there were some points of criticism that were in error, so Dr. Alan Rhoda came on the program to respond. This seemed fair, as in his article Mr. Fortenberry criticized comments Dr. Rhoda made in the Idol Killer video.

Not surprisingly, at points Dr. Rhoda agreed with Mr. Fortenberry that Warren's comments were imprecise, brutish and needed refinement. Nevertheless, Dr. Rhoda did note several points made by Mr. Fortenberry were simply in error.

For more from Dr. Rhoda, visit his blog:

Please note, this video is intended to be a somewhat lighthearted response to the claims and challenges made by Bill Fortenberry, and certainly not meanspirited. Like our poor production quality, our sense of humor is amateurish and difficult to understand... and for the record, Warren is the cute one. We know this because he tells himself this in the mirror twenty times every morning.

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