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Destroying Sacred Cows for the Cause of Christ

The Apostles and their Disciples were faithful to teach and emulate Christ: the Word made flesh.
However, as we were warned in Acts 20:29, men soon arose teaching opinions and philosophy at odds with truth. Much of this has become revered doctrine within Christianity today - sacred cows that few dare question.

It's time to smash these idols, shine the light of truth and call everyone to return to the Sure Foundation.

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Augustine's Anthropology - PSA Examined

This is the second episode in a 7 Part Series exploring the Augustinian Doctrine of Penal Substitution, abbreviated as PSA. In this episode, we detail and review the first three claims of PSA, as developed by Augustine: Original Sin, Total Depravity & Infant Depravity.

Joining Idol Killer for the entirety of this series is Paul Vendredi, who himself produced a long running podcast detailing PSA's claims and problems.

The Big Three:

  1. Original Sin: the belief that as a result of Adam's sin, all mankind is created sinful and guilty, stained by concupiscence as mankind was in Adam's loins when he sinned.

  2. Total Depravity: the belief Adam's corruption extends to all parts of his progeny, from the flesh to the soul, from the will to the intellect. As a result all mankind is born spiritually dead and unable to respond to God.

  3. Infant Depravity: the belief that Original Sin and Total Depravity affects everyone the moment they come into existence, thus infants enter the world under God's wrath and deserving judgment.

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