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Idol Killer is dedicated to promoting classic pre-Augustinian orthodox Christian doctrine and in doing so exposing extra-Biblical corrupt philosophies and presuppositions. We are committed to spreading the Gospel and making disciples of Christ.

Regardless of your religious background, denominational preference or Church tradition you are sure to find the content we provide engaging, challenging and thought provoking. Most of all we pray that you find it a catalyst for drawing near the Holy and Living God in a loving and intimate relationship.

Today, idols are rarely made of stone and inlaid with jewels. Instead they are often carved from Scripture to reflect the philosophies of corrupt men.

"Therefore, my beloved, flee from idolatry."  1 Corinthians 10:14

Why Idol Killer?

As I sought a name for this ministry I considered several more respectable titles, desiring something that demonstrated reverence and conveyed the seriousness and goal of this mission.

However, as I took the matter before the Lord in prayer, none of them felt right; they were all far too pretentious and stale.

Our mission is focused on preaching the truth of the living God. We understand it's The Truth that destroys deception and sets the captive free. So I asked God to give us a name for this undertaking, something that demonstrated our commitment to removing the scales of faulty presuppositions and dead religion through proclaiming the Truth... a name evoking our dedication to fighting giants and killing the idols plaguing Christianity and mankind in general.

Thus Idol Killer was born... a name admittedly a little punk rock, a little less scholarly than we had set out for; but a name that immediately and bluntly states what we're about.

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